We have noticed that a few users have been getting shadow banned by Instagram which basically affects the reach of your posts on Instagram. How instagram does this is by limiting the reach of the hashtags you use and make it visible to only your followers.

Many blogs have been reporting this issue and it is not specific to Instamate users. Read the following article for more information.


Some users claim they’ve been at the mercy of the “shadow ban” for months, and there are user reports online complaining about this as far back as January. Some have ‘fixed’ the issue by converting back to a personal account, others by logging in from a different device with a new IP, but none of these fixes seem to last long or cover everybody. And judging by the increasingly desperate emails we’re receiving, the problem is only getting worse.

Here's a screenshot of the Official statement from Instagram on Feb 28, 2017, about an issue causing faulty shadow bans on a lot of accounts. They have acknowledged the issue and have their engineers working on it.


We do not have enough data to confirm if use of Instamate itself has anything to do with this. This is because 1000s of other accounts on Instamate are working fine and indeed have no issue with the reach of their posts. It could be a mix of overuse of hashtags or too many posts or abuse reports from users.

We ask you to follow the instructions mentioned by Instagram themselves on the post to ensure your accounts are not affected. Do let us know if you have any recommendations that we can provide to our users to fix the shadowban issue. We would be glad to put it up here and help other users.