Hi Lawren Smith,

Currently Facebook was having issues with the amount of posts coming out of Viral Autobots and some people using it incorrectly with spam, so we have now moved to download option by the user which also has other benefits such as being able to add a call to action button to your videos, thumbnails, URL tags, and Facebook gives you a bigger reach by posting direct in facebook rather then a third party app. Luke has done a video here of how it works and the best way to use it -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlmx58PBNDA'

Also while we are adding these we have given everyone an EXTRA licence key which will be the same one you used to sign up with to use on another account, a friend, co-worker etc, we have added in the socialite pro system and a few other bonuses coming.

Since, we have moved to Download option, it's not a necessity to sync fan pages any more. We have had to remove those permissions because of issues Facebook has.

Socialite Bonus : 


Username: vipthankyou@viralautobots.com

Password: vip123

Extra License VA : Your key can be used with one more FB Account